Our Mission & Vision

Our values are all built around God and biblical principles. As we live out the Golden Rule – “Treat others as you would want to be treated,” we strive to offer wholesome, family-orientated tours that will be most memorable for all the right reasons.

Tour Visions (Hospitality Travel)

The Mission Statement of Tour Visions is to build a profitable God-Honoring business that through its actions and outreach will make a positive difference in the lives of our travelers and those we meet around the world.

Our Core Values

The foundation of Tour Visions is built on these core values and is a part of all we endeavor to do.

  • God Honoring – So that we may honor God, we endeavor to steward all we have, realizing that it all belongs to God and is entrusted to us for his glory. Tours are designed for fellow believers in a Bible based Judeo-Christian and Anabaptiast faith. Behavior inappropriate to this faith will result in termination of tour with no refund for the involved person(s). Return home will be at tour member’s own expense.
  • Family – The God ordained families and individuals on Tour Visions tours are the building blocks of our business and society and we will endeavor to uphold these biblical values in all we do.
  • Servant Attitude – Every person at Tour Visions bears the responsibility to plan tours with the traveling family in mind- to choose wholesome destinations that will promote an appreciation of God’s creation, provide learning of the world around us and encourage the local people we come in contact with. We strive to care for all the details and assist our traveling family so they may enjoy a relaxed travel experience.
  • Integrity – The moral and ethical set of imprinted values from God’s heart can never be compromised in any decision of Tour Visions. We must always have the courage to live them out through our corporate and personal actions.
  • Humility – No one person is more important than another. Tour Visions values the importance of every employee, customer and vendor and recognizes their contributions as an integral part of our overall success.
  • Quality – Tour Visions will always strive to deliver the highest quality tours for you, your friends and your family.
  • Profitability – A percentage of net profits from Tour Visions will be given back to God. We feel we have the responsibility to our employees, customers, vendors, community and God, as stewards of His company, to produce profits that enable us to reinvest for the future. This commitment helps us support and grow our employees, continue giving quality tours and be an example to others of a company that is able to share its profits with those in need around the world.