Our History

“Mennoniting” goes back many generations. Our parents and grandparents did it–they’d travel a day’s journey, spend an overnight with friends or relatives, and continue the journey the next day. Much fellowship happened on those visits.

The birth of Mennonite Your Way Tours was a logical development of the past great tradition. MYW Tours was begun by Leon and Nancy Stauffer in Lancaster, PA in 1977. Early tours, mostly by motorcoach, while travelling to exciting and popular attractions, also visited Mennonite, Brethren, Brethren in Christ, and Hutterite communities along the travel route. That practice continues today in MYW Tour Visions, the tours crisscross North America and travel to many overseas locations, visiting with Anabaptists along the way. Lodging is in moderate rated hotels/motels; we do not lodge in homes as did past generations. However the “relationship tradition” continues through fellowship meals, using local guides and story tellers, and at times worshipping with local congregations. Many who travel with us are not part of the traditional Anabaptist family, but are committed Christians who enjoy our style of travel and the fellowship which it includes.

Each year a new set of tours is planned. Read more about the tours planned for the months ahead on our Multi Day Tours page and ask to be placed on the mailing list to receive¬†our¬†quarterly newsletter. (Click on “Contact Us” to send greetings, a personal message, or question to Joe and Joyce).