About Us

joejoyceJoe & Joyce Hottenstein (TOUR DIRECTORS)

All tours are escorted by Joe & Joyce. It is their goal to provide tours that emphasize the beauty of God’s creation, while meeting and learning about the peoples from other cultures both in our country and throughout the world. Including opportunities to interact with the local residents and learn of their craftsmanship and lifestyle are an essential part of planning our tours. In addition to arranging all the details necessary to make a tour successful, Joe & Joyce invest in promoting an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship with fellow travelers and those we meet along the way. They have realized the importance of allowing enough free time within the tours for individual interests to be pursued. Their objective is to provide for each traveler an environment that is an enriching experience where long-lasting memories can be made.

Joe and Joyce were born and raised in conservative churches in Lancaster County. They first heard of Mennonite Your Way when they were looking for a way to travel with their 3 young children, on their budget & meet local people. They also hosted others in their home, which helped create a passion in Joe and Joyce, as well as their children, to know and appreciate other people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Joe is an Artist and Photographer and, after recovering from a serious accident in 1983, he had been self-employed as the PA Senate Photographer and restores antique motorcycles for collectors around the USA. Joyce has a degree in Travel & Tourism and has owned Travel Visions since 1990, specializing in small groups to Europe. Joe works with the Men’s Motorsports Ministry and volunteers at their church, and Joyce worked with the Youth Group for 18 years, and also volunteers wherever needed at church. They became “parents” to several teens who needed a home, and are still part of their family. Four summers were spent in the Czech Republic helping the local Czech church with an outreach to their youth through English Camps.

When not traveling, Joe spends most of his time restoring old and rare motorcycles for collectors around the country. Joyce enjoys cooking and gardening, but spends most of her time doing research for upcoming tours. Together, they enjoy hiking and spending time with their children, grandchildren and “adopted” families. After taking time off to care for parents until their passing, Joe & Joyce are again looking forward to helping others see new places and meeting new people.

Marian Brubaker

Marian Brubaker, Secretary & Tour Planner
Marian and husband, Don, enjoy quality times with their family. The joy of becoming grandparents to two granddaughters, Kennedy & Avery, has brought added fulfillment and blessing to their lives. Taking mini get-aways provide an escape from the normal routine, while baking, cooking, church activities and friends help balance out Marian’s life.

Sandy BrubakerAdministrative Assistant
Sandy keeps us organized and well supplied with printed tour information as well as helping prepare mailings and tour packets for our tour participants. She enjoys baking, cooking for church retreats, junior camp and other functions, as well as bird watching and taking road trips with her family. She is married to Tim and has two children – Laura and Kaylee who always keep her laughing.